Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nas @ Hunter

I haven’t heard much about Nas in awhile until I got the email informing me of his show at Hunter. I did not even know that Hunter hosted concerts but they can fit almost two thousand people in Thomas Hunter Hall and the tickets were only $10 for students.

After about an hour of the opening act, Blitz, and another 30 minutes of security yelling at the crowd to back up from the stage, Nas finally came on stage and did about an hour long set. All of the classics were played and the finale was his most popular song One Mic, from his fifth album, Stillmatic. One Mic has been noted by music writers for its political consciousness and dystopian themes. Nas' gold-certified album Untitled was nominated for a 2009 Grammy award for best rap album.

This morning I woke up to this yahoo news story which may help expain why Nas is spending his Friday nights playing Hunter College. Kelis, who is seven months pregnant, is rumored to be unhappy with Nas' "verbally abusive and cheating ways" reports Thursday Kelis officially filed for a divorce from her husband of five years and nine months. They met when Nas made a cameo in Kevin’s favorite video for Kelis' song Milkshake. Kevin will be so sad his favorite Hip Hop couple is breaking up.


JFK Jean said...

I was at Hunter just yesterday bike hunting and you mean to tell me I could have saw him for next to nothing?! Thanks Jen lol

JFK Jean said...

...and if they actually do finalize a divorce, they had a solid run, nearly 6 years? That's 40 in hip hop years