Friday, January 23, 2009

Let's Eat Downtown!

I love New York City and feel fortunate to be able to say I live in Lower Manhattan. There are an endless supply of restaurants to explore in my area and I want to try them all. New York City was established by the Dutch in 1625 (hence the city's original name, New Amsterdam) in LM and it is still the best place in the city to search for the past. Lower Manhattan constitutes everything south of Chambers Street for most people, but the exact definition is widely debated. It includes Battery Park, the point of departure for the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Staten Island. The South Street Seaport, a touristy area but still a reminder of times when shipping was the lifeblood of the city, is a bit north on the East Side and south of the Brooklyn Bridge, which stands proudly as the ultimate achievement of New York's 19th-century industrial age.

The rest of the area is considered the Financial District, but may be more famous now as Ground Zero. Until September 11, 2001, the Financial District was anchored by the World Trade Center, with the World Financial Center complex and Battery Park City to the west, and Wall Street running crosstown a little south and to the east. Construction has begun on the new complex, but it will take years to complete. They say it will be finished in 2011. The future Downtown skyline will look like this.

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