Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Olive Garden

Now, many will think it unusual to write about or even bother to eat at Olive Garden when in NY, but the thing is that there are two things Kevin will not do. 1. Go to Times Square (unless the outta towner is a first timer) and 2. Eat at the Olive Garden. Well Kevin is in DC, so I did both today while in midtown for a meeting. It was my first time at this location and everything was good. I had the Seafood Alfredo, same thing I've ordered for 15 years.


BamaToddddddd said...

Love the blog, you now have at least 1 faithful reader.

Olive Garden rulezz.


NYC Explorers said...

Team Kevin on this one! Cannot do Olive Garden.

Although I will admit to suburbin' it up at Uno's Seaport tonight. Kids menu for $3.99, score and score!

Jess Gaumer said...

Not an Olive Garden fan either. Last time I went, the lettuce was crap for the "endless bowl" or whatever they call it.