Saturday, April 4, 2009


There are certain restaurants in the city that one may never patron without the promise of someone else paying the bill. Cellini is one of those. Usually this leads to an amazing meal and experience that you can’t wait to go back for but this does not accurately describe Cellini.

Kevin’s family was in town for a wedding and invited us to this restaurant Friday night. The atmosphere was quaint and the service was above average. The wine menu provided all the necessary choices and the Italian menu brags of a flair for home cooking. We had many daily specials to choose from, including a variety of pastas, fish and meat. A complimentary plate of antipasto was on the table when we arrived to include brushetta, olives and cheese which I truly enjoyed. We started by sharing the Alla Cesare consisting of hearts of romaine, classic caesar dressing, focaccia croutons and parmesan cheese which Kevin and I agreed was completely bland. For the main course Kevin and I chose from the daily specials menu. He had the Mushroom Ravioli which was freshly made and enjoyable. I ordered the Sea Bass which was plain and lacked much flavor. I didn’t finish the dish and this is against everything I believe in so you know it wasn’t that good.

The company is what makes the meal, so in that sense we loved this place. Dining with Susan and David and the opportunity to meet a few members of Susan’s family made the experience wonderful. There wasn’t anything terrible about this meal however nothing memorable either. Cellini is located in Midtown East at 65 E 54th Street and I would place it in the category that is very common for this area, a place trying to have a family run restaurant feel but in actuality is part of a larger restaurant conglomerate.

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