Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mi Cocina

DALLAS, TX - Some people in New York like to complain they cannot find great Tex Mex in the city. Some people may say what the heck is Tex Mex. I say if you want great Tex Mex you have to go to Texas and you have to go to Mi Cocina. The cuisine that would come to be called Tex-Mex actually originated with Tejanos (Texans of Hispanic descent) as a hybrid of Spanish and native Mexican foods when Texas was part of New Spain and later Mexico.

I’ve heard there is a restaurant of the same name in the West Village in NYC but it is not affiliated with the Texas chain and I believe they closed recently anyways. Since 1991, Mi Cocina has been one of the best traditional Tex-Mex restaurants in Dallas. Our usual location is the first and original on Preston and Forest. It is just one of 15 locations distributed throughout the metroplex. All locations are worth a visit since no two Mi Cocinas look alike for the reason that they are designed to fit in with the neighborhood.

Kevin and I have begun a tradition of returning here with his mom and sister each time we revisit Dallas. The food is always delicious and fresh. The tortilla chips are crisp, but not greasy. For some, the salsa may be on the hot side of delicious. My order of enchiladas included two spinach and one cheese for a total of 9.95, it is a deal good enough to eat every day. The cheese oozes from each corner of the tortillas and practically off the plate.

Kevin and Debbie split Ernie’s chicken which cost 13.95. A hot plate filled with marinated grilled chicken breast topped with queso and crema, served with guacamole, rice, and pico de gallo was finished with no complaints. With so many choices here I always look forward to my next visit, but I already know next time I will copy Karin’s order of fresh veggie quesadillas.

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