Sunday, April 5, 2009

PJ Clarke’s

PJ Clarke’s has been a New York fixture since 1884 and the original location at 915 3rd Avenue (55th Street) still provides an authentic city experience. Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, Buddy Holly and Jackie O are just some of the well known celebrity’s that made PJ Clarke’s a regular late night stop. Today, you can find PJ’s at three different locations around the city, the original location, Lincoln Center and my usual location in the World Financial Center.

With Dr. Brown in town we needed a quick lunch after returning from an exhibition game at the new Yankee Stadium and before he had to head out to a wedding. With PJ Clarke’s just a few blocks from his hotel this became the most logical spot for us to go and I am glad we did. I have always enjoyed the food, particularly the burger, and to see the historical aspect of this building and location provided a whole new experience. I had the French Onion soup, which is one of the best I have ever had and we split a Reuben Sandwich, also very good. Not exactly an inexpensive restaurant but we were pleased to get in and out for lunch with a bill under $30. I would recommend going to any of the PJ Clarke’s locations for the food, but you have to check out the original location to get the authentic old time New York vibe.

And to finish, a pic of me, my sister Christine and Dad (Dr. Brown) at the game, I like the people in the background of this picture.


aj simone said...

Why no burger?! That soup look fantastic though.

NYC Explorers said...

Err, I think something is weird.
Anyway, you should grow a ponytail. What game are you taking us to? One more comment...Nice Mavericks cap, my mother would think that is grand.

Jennifer Brown said...

What did Kevin do to piss off all those people in the row behind him at the game? They look unhappy!