Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ollie’s Noodle Shop & Grille

Most New Yorkers have heard of or been to Ollie’s Noodle Shop and it has been a favorite of mine. With several restaurants throughout the city I have recently been reminded there are differences from location to location. Twice in the past six months we have gone to the Lincoln Center spot at 1991 Broadway (between 67th St & 68th St) and both times expected better food.

There are a variety of Asian options but only a few plates from which I usually select. Today the choice was the Pan-Fried Noodle with Seafood. The noodles were fine other than an unequal amount of shrimp to squid which was a let-down since the squid was rubbery and flavorless. The Steamed Mixed Dumpling’s were served cold, however I did like the dumpling sauce. We have had much better meals at the Ollie’s in the Theatre District and need to stick with that location.


NYC Explorers said...

Steamed pork dumplings, cold noodles in peanut sauce and an order of chicken and garlic sauce....that's how we roll at Ollie's. The chicken isn't on the menu but they will make it.

MHG said...

I refuse to visit NYC unless a stop at Ollies for cold noodles in peanut sauce is on the agenda. Traci once convinced them to sell her a plastic soup container full of the sauce so I could make some once she returned home with it to Dallas. MMMMMMMMMMM Ollies cold noodles!

aj simone said...

Yummm, that looks fantastic. I've yet to go but have heard so many good things I might just need to add it to me weekend agenda.