Friday, March 27, 2009

Pinche Taqueria

Robb led me to Pinche Taqueria at 227 Mott St in Nolita for our Friday lunch. This is a place Robb had told me about before and wanted to go back to in order to try out the fish tacos. The inside is small and the seating is a little awkward, luckily it wasn’t crowded when we arrived.

We ordered up two types of tacos, Taco de Pescado and Taco de Camaron. The Pescado are fish tacos consisting of a lightly battered Tilapia and the Camaron are filled with shrimp. They are served on a thin flour tortia with cabbage, onion, cilantro, guacamole and a cilantro sauce. Each table has a red and green salsa, the red salsa is super hot while the green verde salsa was sweet and much more to my liking. The fish and shrimp tacos are $3.95 each while all other tacos on the menu to include steak, pork and chicken are $2.95 each. No complaints from me, these tacos are very good. The tacos have a Californian quality more than authentic Mexican style.

As I headed back to the office I saw this guy wandering around out front of the NYSE…

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Ruby said...

Those look yummy :) And yay! Michael Moore! He is a very down-to-earth guy - He came to my Grama's garage sale in a small town by Flint, MI when I was little, and chatted with her for an hour. I think he bought an old license plate.