Sunday, February 22, 2009


My husband and I just stumbled upon this place by accident and we were glad we did. While exploring the Lower East Side (my recent preferred sector of the city) on a walk from the Financial District to Union Square, we were torn amongst all the brunch options that attract you in the area. We choose Gemma for no particular reason besides our hunger taking over while on that block. Gemma is a mid/upper price Italian restaurant in the first level of the Bowery Hotel.

For brunch, Kevin enjoyed Eggs a La Gemma, a unique version of eggs benedict made with prosciutto and served with asparagus. I loved my customary brunch of french toast covered with fruit. The popular reviews are usually negative when deliberating dinner and the service is always dubbed aloof, which I noticed but wasn’t particularly bothered by. This place has decent food and an impressive atmosphere, without too long a wait for a table. I would go back if prompted by another party but do not see us returning on our own accord. Gemma is located at 335 Bowery and Third Street.

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