Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Ulysses', located at 58 Stone Street, is one of my neighborhood favorites but it is also a splurge. One aspect of it's appeal is the location; Stone Street is a strip of 19th-century buildings on a cobblestone street and is the secret little treasure of the Financial District. It's proximity to Kevin’s office makes it a convenient place to meet for lunch. There are restaurants and bars in every space here and the crowd is usually Wall Street types in for the burgers and beers. But Ulysses' lunch time carver buffet is a delicious deal if not a little steep with a main course and two sides costing $13 but don’t let them refill your soda unless you want to pay $3 a glass.

In front of me is a pastrami sandwich with sides of mac & cheese, potato salad and a side ceaser salad, while Kevin went with the pan seared mahi mahi accompanied by corn & tomato relish, steamed vegetables and potato pancakes. There has not been one item at Ulysses' I have not enjoyed and this place is always reliable. There are plenty of other options to mix and match on the carver buffet and it is updated and changed daily. The best time to visit this area is during the spring and summer when they put up the tables outside for a perfect happy hour spot.

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