Thursday, February 12, 2009


Yushi is a relatively new place for fast Japanese food and it originated in New York. They serve a range of healthy protein-rich sushi boxes, low carb salads, warm noodle soups and delicious sides. There are two locations in Manhattan, the one I go to is in the World Financial Center (this is the first location), and there is one in Midtown (245 Park Ave). The word Yushi does not actually mean anything in Japanese. It is an uncommon name in Japan, and can either be used as a surname or a last name, much like Paul for example.

In a land of fat goopy sugar-laden pastries and food heavily doused with condiments with heavy starch sides, the food at Yushi is a refreshing relief which you can count on being healthy. My choice for lunch today included Yushi’s Greatest Hits: A combination bento box of tuna and salmon sushi, tuna, salmon, and crab maki and salmon sashimi (420 calories) for $12.95, and the Yushi Classic Miso Soup: freshly made miso with coriander, tofu, spring onions and wakame (90 calories) for $3.95. I know the calorie count because NYC now requires chain restaurants to post it on their menus and Yushi has it listed right on the package. I wish the cost was less but for fast fresh sushi in NYC, I couldn't recommend this place more.

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