Sunday, February 8, 2009


This 50’s style diner in Hell’s Kitchen is packed with local hipsters, students and wannabe actors who fit right in to the mix of funky and modern décor. There are currently three other locations in Manhattan besides the one we went to in Hell's Kitchen at 9th and 52nd. The others are in Chelsea and the Upper East and West Sides. Vynl has a fun atmosphere with Madonna videos playing on a wall sized screen all night and bathrooms that showcase famous pop stars in mosaic tile. It can also have that trendy appeal that wears off quickly.

Vynl is part-eatery, part-bar with a friendly, ornate air to it and a menu to match. The menu offers a curious combination of Thai choices and good ol’ American options like fried chicken, mac & cheese and burgers. My favorite dish, the Shrimp Pad Thai, is often envied upon arrival to the table. Appetizers are a mixed bag as well... in a good way. You can opt for a quesadilla, calamari, or grilled chicken satay, among other options. I will always recommend this place for at least one visit and a taste of the watermelon lemonaid.

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