Friday, February 27, 2009

Grand Central Oyster Bar

The season of Lent is a religious time of reflection, prayer, penance and sacrifice. It was originally a 40 day period of Easter preparation and the primary spiritual exercise was to fast for 6 days a week. Over time the observance gradually became more lenient leading to the prevalent practice today of abstaining from meat products on Friday. The popular Friday night fish fry began in the 1930’s at churches and restaurants around the country for people seeking meat-free options during Lent.

So in our overly simple observance of this practice for the duration of Lent, Robb and I will be having our version of Fish Friday. Jennie snuck away from work today for lunch as well, since she loves the fish sandwich. We went to the Grand Central Oyster Bar in the basement of Grand Central Station. This restaurant is huge and is more like 4 restaurants in one. When entering, to the left is a fancier dining room and to the right are self serve counter seats. We went to the diner style seating on the right, since this was the only side that offered a sandwich menu.

Kb – Chilled Pacific Sturgeon Sandwich with Lettuce, Capers and Tarter Sauce ($8.25)
Robb – Grilled & Sliced Tuna Sandwich with Tomato Salsa ($9.50)
Jen – Fried Fish Sandwich with Tarter Sauce ($6.95)
The sandwich prices were a pretty good deal, however no side items come with it. If you so choose, a side order of soup or fries is an extra $5+ and the dinner entrĂ©e’s are also on the expensive side. Jennie’s Fried Fish Sandwich was awesome and I regret not ordering that myself, but I was trying to go with a non fried option. Robb’s Grilled Tuna Sandwich was fresh and the tomato salsa was great, but you could tell the fish was waiting to be heated up for the lunch crowd. And nothing was wrong with my Chilled Sturgeon Sandwich I’m just not sure it was the right type of fish for me. Overall it’s an interesting place, they get you in out quick and the price is right as long as you stick to the sandwich menu. Go4Kb.

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I REALLY want a fried fish sandwich now!

Great blog :)